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About Richard n’ Ryan

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RnR Productions is a professional international filmmaking production company that strives to create high quality content for businesses, organizations and individuals.

We are two brothers, Richard and Ryan, who have an enthusiastic passion for making films. We meet our client’s video making needs with a flexible and creative approach. We pride ourselves in creating believable and understandable narratives while utilizing cutting-edge production and filming trends.



We specialize in two markets

  1. Creating professional marketing, promotional, and educational videos for businesses, organizations and individuals.
  1. Clean, positive, online YouTube sketches designed for laughter and entertainment.

Why do we do it?

1: We want to honor God in our skills.
2: We enjoy the creative video making process.
3: We create lasting memories, build relationships, and generate revenue.
4: Mom told us it’s a way to get noticed by the ladies.

A Brief History…

Founded in 2010, RnR Production’s co-founders Richard K. Wickham and Ryan M. Wickham pride themselves with our humble beginnings.

The first ‘official’ RnR sketch was recorded on a simple point-and-shoot camera while on a family picnic near Oak Glen CA, in July of 2010. We edited this video and uploaded it to our (then) new YouTube channel. From these simple beginnings, we have since morphed into a multi-media, multi-oriented global production company. Richard n’ Ryan (RnR) are brothers separated in age by five years and our self-taught, multi-faceted skillset includes digital effects, chroma keying, music and web design.

Bragging rights

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Richard | RichardW@RnRProductions.tv
Ryan | RyanW@RnRProductions.tv